EP006: Arbitrage Is Not A City In France

What is Arbitrage anyway? It’s a fancy word for something you probably are familiar with.

In this episode, I’ll be going over the idea of arbitrage and how it works in the Internet Marketing world. The short answer is: you hire people to do work for you and you resell that work to your clients. But there is a bit more to it than that, so stay tuned. I’ll be going over a real life example of what is working now as well as the best places to go to have arbitrage work done.

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EP005 : SEO – The Basics and Beginning

Why is this the longest episode so far? Easy. It’s one of the most complicated and mysterious and difficult kinds of marketing out there. And honestly I could have gone on for 2 hours.

In this episode I’ll be going over the basics and fundamentals of SEO. And keep in mind I’m recording this in October of 2016. If you come across this episode years or months from now, everything I say here could be wrong. This is why SEO is hard and expensive. It’s always changing. Always.

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EP004: Retargeting – The Ads That Haunt You

Is it Retargeting or Remarketing? It’s both. They’re interchangeable terms. But what are they and how do they work?

In this episode I’ll be going over retargeting ads and why you absolutely must use them in your marketing campaigns. It is one of the most cost effective ways to spend money and get exposure for your brand for minimal cost.

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EP003: The 2 Faces of Facebook

Is Facebook a great place to advertise or not? It’s both. But you have to know where and how to advertise and promote on Facebook. Hint: It’s not on your fan page.

In this episode I’ll be going over the 2 places to market on Facebook. And one of those ways you’ll want to always avoid.

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EP002: Email Is Still The King of Online Marketing

Do people still check their email? You bet! In this episode I’ll be talking about my favorite way to market online. And it’s my favorite because it’s still the number one way to market. Hands down…by a mile. I’ll also be going over my favorite email services aka autoresponders.

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